Old Vintage Baseball Cards
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Conditions of Use

MT - Mint
This is a grade that we will use for cards that have encapsulated by a third party grader only.
This term is overused by people to try to enhance the value of their card beyond the actual condition of the card.  If we fill that a card is in fact a mint condition card, it will be given the grade of NTMT

NMMT - Near Mint to Mint
This is a very strong condition card that looks like it was just made.  There may be minor corner wear on one or two corners.  You can expect sharp corners, minimal print defects and centering will be 65/35 or better.

NRMT - Near Mint
This is a card that can have a touch of wear on all corners and very light edge chipping.  There can be a light scratch that can only be seen at a certain angle.  The centering will be 70/30 or better.

EXMT - Excellent to Near Mint
This card could have soft corners, but still square.  This could also be a much higher grade cards that has centering outside of what is acceptible for for the higher grade.

EX - Excellent

Samples of EX cards

VGEX - Very Good to Excelent

Samples of VGEX cards

VG - Very Good

GD - Good
This card will probably have round corners and creases.  This may also be a card that has a pin hole or writing on the front and or back.  A card with nicer corners but with heavy crease can also end up in this grade.  Miscut cards may also be found here.

Samples of GOOD cards

We will group a quantity of low grade cards together and offer them for one price.  We do not plan on offering many low grade cards for individual sale on this site.  If the card is an expensive card in nice grade, like 1952 Topps Andy Pafko, we may list a very low grade card.

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